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About college

About college (eng)

We face the future with confidence


It is known that the XXI century is a century of knowledge and information technologies.  Education as a whole and professional one, in particular, play a crucial role in social development nowadays.

All educational institutions of professional education have one basic feature connecting them: all of them are turned into the future and already today are obliged to solve problems of formation of available, open, flexible system of the vocational training considering requirements of a modern labor market, inquiries of the personality and society.

These words can be carried fully to the educational establishment «Borisov state college».

The college was established by a way of merge of Borisov state polytechnic professional lyceum and Borisov state teacher training college (the decision of  Minsk regional executive committee from 11.08.2006, No. 795) with a view of improvement of system of professional education of the Minsk area, improvement of quality of education, providing the social inquiries of the region, and also for satisfaction of personal  interests of citizens for receiving split-level  vocational training.

It should be noted that our establishment of education passed all stages of formation and development: from Borisov vocational training school-85 (1966г.) to Borisov professional lyceum No. 1 (2001), further by a way of merge with Borisov vocational training school of mechanical engineering -121 (1974) was formed the first  establishment of education in the Minsk area «Borisov state polytechnic professional lyceum» (2002), and in 2007 – “Borisov state college” by association with “Borisov teacher training college” (1980).

Such integration of establishments of the education having different professional standards, different structures of construction, was carried out for the first time not only in the area, but also in the republic. It was caused by changes in the regional economy, and in the system of professional education, both demographic and social conditions of the region.

As a result of work on integration of educational institutions the vertical of continuous professional education covering different steps and levels of training is built:

  • general secondary education;
  • vocational training;
  • secondary vocational education;
  • integrated secondary vocational education with professional one in the reduced terms.

Today at vocational training level Borisov state college trains labors on 13 educational specialties and 33 individual qualifications. Admittance of students is carried out on the basis of marketing research of a labor market, carried out according to the plan of reception approved by education authorities.

At this level in college more than 1250 pupils are trained, 5 offices function:

  • office of sewing professions;
  • office of trade professions ;
  • office of public catering;
  • office of electrotechnical and metalcutting professions;
  • office of automobile professions.

At vocational training level on the basis of contracts with regional employment services college conducts the preparation, retraining and professional development of labors on educational specialties and individual qualifications for which the region feels requirement. It gives the chance to unoccupied adults to pass retraining in any age, to increase qualification. We also carry out vocational training and retraining of individuals.

At level of secondary vocational education our college carries out the preparation on the specialties «Preschool education» with specializations »       Speech training», «Creative activity» (qualification — the tutor of preschool institution), «Designing and technology of garments» (qualification — the technician-technologist). And since 2011 preparation on specialties «Commercial activity» began (qualification — the goods manager), «Production and organization of public catering» (qualifications — the technician-technologist, the master of vocational training).

The enterprises have a need for such labors, and college has all conditions for implementation of such preparation.

Now in college work a solid, creative, highly professional pedagogical collective which consists of 64 teachers, 54 masters of vocational training, 78 % of members have the highest and first qualifying category.

We can be proud of our employees. In 2000 the master of  vocational training Klimovich Lyudmila Georgiyevna, in 2005 the master of vocational training Mordasov Alexander Yuryevich took the first places in regional competitions «Master of the year», in 2010 the master of vocational training Lesun Anatolii Nikolayevich  took the first place in regional and the third one in the republican competition «Master of the year».

Employees of our college are awarded by a medal «Excellent Man of Education of Republic of Belarus» (Gurlo S. M., Aphonskaya E.V., Chernikova T.I., Doroshuk N. M., Kortikova L.S., Vevel V. B.), Gurlo S. M.and Aphonskaya E.V. are awarded by medals «For merit in development of system of vocational training».

As a result our collective surely solve questions of quality of professional education, provide preparation of a highly-skilled competitive personnel, create the educative, humane surroundings promoting the development of the personality and its socialization.

Pupils of our college take prizes in regional and republican competitions of professional skill, we take part in scientific and practical conferences and competitions of creative works of a various orientation at regional and republican levels. Five pupils of college are awarded prizes of special fund of the President of  Belarus for a victory in personal superiority in republican competitions and conferences (Melnik Elena, Khatskevich Olga, Lavrova Ekaterina – 2005, Makritsky Anton – 2009, Goncharova Anastasia — 2010).

The college has 5 educational buildings, 2 buildings of learning and practice classes, 3 hostels. For the organization of teaching and educational process there are 56 study rooms, 30 learning and practice classes and laboratories, a station of car repairs, 2 autodromes for practical training to driving of cars. There are 3 gyms, a small gym, sports grounds and also the stadium which reconstruction is conducted now. The college has 3 libraries with book- archives and reading rooms per 86 seats; 3 assembly halls per 630 seats; 3 dining rooms per 380 seats, 1 canteen per 24 seats; 2 computer classes, 1 computer laboratory, 1 PC laboratory.

For the last year a modern computer class, a study of economy, a study of labor protection are equipped, a sewing workshop is completely reequip, installation of  modern equipment in a new welding workshop is conducted, a baseball field  (the only thing in the Minsk area) is equipped.

Workshops for output of useful production in the course of training are made. Today in our educational institution 23 types of off-budget activity. It helps to strengthen the material base of establishment of education, promotes to improve the quality of vocational training, does the educational process practice-oriented.

A baker’s workshop, a station of car repairs , a workshop of making-up, a workshop of manufacturing of garments, a dress-making and tailoring workshop successfully function in our college. Secretary services are carried out. Products for own needs and also on demands of enterprises and organizations are produced in metalcutting workshops.

At the same time, the conditions created in college after the alliance of educational institutions, allow to carry out integration of staff with the enterprises-customers at higher level. Today the college organizes the partnership with many enterprises of the town of Borisov and the Minsk area. They take active part in total certification, in certification of future workers, carry out competitions of professional skill. Possibilities of industrial training and work practice on the basis of the enterprises- customers extended. We closely cooperate with such enterprises as  Borisov plant «Autohydraulic amplifier», «Borisov plant of aggregates»,  Borisov garment factory,  « The house of trade», «Vesta»,  BELAZ, with  public catering enterprises of different types of incorporation, with regional departments of education of the Minsk area.

The dedicated programmes «Teenager», «Citizen», «Family», «Health», «Hostel» are put in a basis of the organization of educational work.

There are various forms of educational work with pupils: youth forums, sports holidays, fairs, actions «The city of  Borisov – for Belarus!», tourist meetings.

It is worthy of note the work of our public youth organization BRSM (the secretary Moroz S. V.) in which more than 75 % of pupils of college. The children are initiators of all new interactive forms of educational work. Activity of volunteer group «Kind hearts» is organized, the events «Mercy» «The veteran lives nearby», «Memory» and others are carried out.

62 circles of various interests work today in college: sports sections, circles of art, technical creativity. We are proud of fashion theatre «Inspiration» (the head Yephimova Z.I.), a circle of national crafts (the head Gzovskaya S.I.), college teams on autocross, cycling,  baseball entering in republican competitions. Earlier the graduates of educational institution – future Olympic champions —  engaged in these sports sections: Logvin Oleg (cycling), Abalmasov Alexey (rowing).

It is worthy of note the system, task-oriented work of circles of technical creativity, arts and crafts and art creativity of pupils. Exhibits of technical creativity (Lesun A.N., Polonik P. S., Sazonov G. A.), arts and crafts creativity       ( Gzovskaya S.I., Reshetnyak T.V., Kopat O.F.) annually become winners of regional and republican competitions and shows.

The real pride of our college – exemplary studio of the variety song «Gastsina» (the head Lyskovets T.F.), which constantly takes active part in town, regional, republican and international competitions and festivals, taking prizes in the various nominations. In 2009 this group became the finalist of the republican competition «Songs of my country», having the accolade of competent jury and the audience.

The Museum of history of professional and secondary vocational education of the Minsk area is created in college.

Our educational institution successfully develops international relations and cooperation, understanding that the exchange of experience of vocational training is a one more impulse to development, improvement of work and of our college. We signed the international cooperation agreement with the professional lyceum №3 (Svetliy, the Kaliningrad region).  Three times the exchange of delegations of teachers and pupils on various subjects took place. We were convinced that this cooperation is effective and useful. At the initiative of professional college of Luebeck (Germany) we plan to sign the international cooperation agreement with this educational establishment.